I am a creative problem solver. More than design and production, I can help ensure that your solutions are solving the right problems.


The framework for creative expression. Good design is effecient, humble, and direct. Sound design principles will insure that expectations of quality, branding, and messaging are met.

Technology & Innovation

The driving force behind production. Technology takes design from conceptual to tangible. In today's fast-paced technology landscape, innovation drives the refining of tools, skills, methods, and media.

Empathy & Perspective

A precourser to design. One of the most important skills as a creative is empathy. A good creative listens, interprets, and ideates when new ideas or concepts are presented. Individual perspective directs the way we plan and produce design for the world around us. We share our perspective through design while constantly consuming that of others.

Nearly 12 years of service at POWER Engineers (2010-2022). I wore many many hats, acomplished a great deal of success, and gained a vast range of expereince in a fast-paced consulting and visualization production studio. For work examples and project experience, please see their Visualization Services Department portfolio...

Other examples available upon request! Photography, graphic design, motion graphics, video editing, UI/UX design, concept development, project and production managment... Let's discuss how to reach your goals and achieve successful outcomes!